Artist Statement

My history as an artist revolves around years of figurative study, driven by a passion for gesture and pattern. Over the last three years I've focused on marrying my painting and drawing techniques together, which, until then, had been separate from one another. After years of revision and developing my process, I find working with mixed media grants me immense freedom to capture the strengths of each medium when composing my picture plane. Though my work has always been figurative, recently, I have transitioned through varying forms of abstraction. This body of work starts as metaphor (Venus-Lamps) and transitions to representational-abstraction.
Editing the female body and defining female beauty has a long history through out human existence. (The Judgment of Paris) Even in art the female form is not only a subject (Olympia, Maya, Rokeby Venus) but also a form of art. (The reclining nude) The female nude blurs the borders of art and the obscene, especially when used commercially, it is both concept and medium. "the Venus" worshipped literally as a goddess in ancient cultures (Venus of Willendorf) and arguably today (Beyonce, Kim Kardasian). The female body is simultaneously worshiped and abused to achieve the "ideal" body image, ideal form, or arrangement of fat. We are taught through the media to consume products, as the old saying goes "sex sells" and in a patriarchy feminine female bodies are the best product. We are taught to consume and judge with words like hog body, muffin top, and but'r face. Bodies are edited through various physical and digital processes starting with make-up and structurally invasive clothes like corsets and ending in the carving and smoothing of the digital body in Photoshop. Along with, The Birth of Venus, was the birth of the body standard; a rigid mold that places value on one kind of body and brutally de-values all others. I explore the duplicity of the "Venus" as a form worthy of worship and reconstruction by the male gaze

Artist's Biography

Born in Michigan, in 1987, Adam Ostrowski is an award winning artist that exhibits his work around the country. Adam earned his Bachelor’s in Fine Art with a concentration in drawing from Eastern Michigan University in 2010, and a Master’s in Fine Art with a concentration in painting from Eastern Michigan University in 2013.